A Closer Look at X Lotto

Saturday Lotto is a popular lottery in Australia. Draws are conducted every Saturday night by Tattersall’s.

Marketed by Tattslotto, the lottery is known as X Lotto in South Australia.

The first draw was conducted in 1972. X Lotto offers a first division prize of $4million, which, is usually shared by two or more players.

$20 million Superdraws are conducted 6-7 times every year. Additionally, there are Megadraws that are usually conducted around Christmas or New Year’s Eve. The jackpot for Megadraws is $30 million.

In case there is no Division 1 winner, the guaranteed jackpot amount reaches $8million.

To play  X Lotto, a player must purchase at least four standard games. The price per game is $0.65. Players also need to pay their agent a commission.

The original format of the game was 6-from-49, which was later changed to six from 45.

When X Lotto was introduced, players had to get their tickets validated by an agent or seller. In the 1980s, the network of agents was computerized, enabling players to purchase more games per draw.

Odds of winning an X Lotto prize

The player who matches all the six numbers wins the jackpot.

The odds of a player winning the jackpot are 1 in 8,145,060. The chances of a player matching five numbers plus the supplementary are 1 in 678,755. 1 in every 36,689 players matches five numbers to win a third division prize.

Chances of a player matching four numbers and walking away with a fourth division prize are 1 in 733. 1 in every 297 players matches three numbers plus one or both supplementary. To win a sixth division prize, a player must match a name or 2+2 additional numbers. The chances of a player winning an award in X Lotto are 1 in 85.

Strategies to increase your chances of winning a prize

Though the winning numbers are drawn randomly, if you observe, you will find different patterns.

To increase your chances of winning an X Lotto prize, you need to study these patterns and strategize accordingly. To help you get one step closer to winning an X Lotto prize, we have created a list of handy tips.

1. Use Quickies

When picking numbers, you might think that you are selecting random numbers, however, studies show that our brain prompts us to prefer certain numbers over others because they are associated with a special event (can be a birthday, or an anniversary).

To steer clear of this bias, use Quickies. When you choose this option, the system uses an algorithm known as the Random Number Generator to pick numbers on your behalf.

2.Study hot and cold number patterns 

Hot numbers are the numbers that get drawn most frequently, whereas cold numbers are drawn rarely.

To increase your chances of winning an X Lotto prize, study statistics related to hot and cold numbers carefully. Based on your findings, come up with a strategy.

3.Play through a syndicate

Joining a syndicate helps you achieve two objectives;

  • spread your risk
  • increase your chances of winning a prize. Because the total cost of games is split between all the members, your purchasing power drastically increases, which means you can play more games.