Helping you avoid become a victim of elaborate scams

The whole process seems quite innocent at first until it all starts to unfold. First, the cybercriminal contacts you via a text message, phone call or on social media platform, informing that you won the lottery.

As you have been participating in sweepstakes for so long, knowing that your efforts are paying off sounds great. The message you receive will ask you to respond as soon as possible, as the offer is only available for a short period.

Since you don’t want to waste this opportunity, you decide to respond. They will ask you to share personal details so that they can verify that you are the winner. Sometimes, you will have to pay a fee, to obtain the money you won in the lottery. According to these individuals, the additional charge is to pay tax or insurance.

However, as you keep sending money to these individuals, you realize that you will never see the jackpot amount. How do you avoid finding yourself in this situation, especially when you play the lottery regularly?

The answer is simple, you can do an online search to see if the claim is legitimate. While there are several websites on the net, you don’t know which one to trust.

Fortunately, you can rely on Lottotoday, a premier site for all lottery-based news and results.