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Lottery Results – What you need to Know

Knowing about the lottery results is good, because it gives you hope that you will also be among the winners, walking away with millions of dollars. Here is a list of the lottery results that you should know:

Eurojackpot Results

One of the biggest and most popular type of lottery results in Europe, Eurojackpot attracts millions of players to participate in the sweepstakes.

Although the cap sits at €90 million, eight people claimed this prize since 2015. Before that, the maximum amount anyone won was €61,170,753.

Euromillions Results

Everyone loves checking Euromillions Lottery Results, due to the enormous size of the prize pool. On October 6th, 2017, an individual walked away with £179,810,000, and two people split £155,597,796 in 23rd February 2018.

During the years 2016 – 2019, six participants won the jackpot.

Mon & Wed Lotto Results

Checking the Mon & Wed Lotto Lottery Results is a ritual, as the smallest jackpot amount was £750,000. However, this changed in 2nd December 2009, as an individual hit £6 million. In August 3rd, 2011, the highest jackpot amount reached a staggering £6,405,635.

Mega Millions Results

USA loves to play Mega Millions Lottery Results, because the size of the prize pool goes beyond $100 million regularly. In 2012, three tickets matched the winning numbers for a jackpot worth $656 million.

Two individuals claimed the prize, a group of three school employees did the same anonymously.

Oz Lotto Results

The reason why Australians check the Oz Lotto Lottery Results is to find out who is the lucky individual to go home with $2 million minimum jackpot. While there is no cap on this amount, the largest figure won by four individuals in 2012 was $111,972,151.04.

Polish Lotto Results

A cheap way to enter the lottery is to participate in the Polish Lotto. Although the ticket costs less than a Euro, an individual won a staggering $15.5 million from the sweepstakes, making it the largest jackpot in the lottery.

Powerball AU Results

If you are wondering why people are always excited to check Powerball AU Lottery Results is because of the jackpot amount. In 2019, a woman won $77 million from this sweepstakes, a testament of why it remains popular.

One reason why people continue to play in this lottery is that most of the winners of the jackpot don’t have multiple tickets.

Saturday Lotto Results

Despite the tickets being dirt cheap, the Saturday Lotto has a huge prize pool. In December 2006, the jackpot amount was £33 million and £13 million in December 2010.

The lowest prize won by anyone in the history of Saturday Lotto Lottery Results was £674,350, in November 2016.

UK Lottery

Last but not the least, the UK Lottery is a favorite among the residents of the country. In January 2016, the size of the highest jackpot lottery results reached £66,070,646, while the lowest was £1,795, 273 in April 2018. If you to check out the Lottery Results from a single location, head to LottoToday!