Mon & Wed Lotto results

Monday and Wednesday lottery is a popular lotto game played in Australia. Introduced initially only in New South Wales, the lotto is played in almost all states and territories of Australia today.

The first draw was held in 1979. In South Australia, Monday and Wednesday Lotto are known as X Lotto. Players need to pay an entry fee of $0.55 per game plus their agent’s commission.

The lotto has five winning divisions. Just like Saturday Lotto, six winning numbers and two supplementary numbers are drawn from 45 balls.

The Division 1 prize for Monday and Wednesday Lotto is $1million per winner. In super draws, this amount increases to $5million. To win the Division 1 prize, a player has to match six numbers. Draws close at 7.30 PM (AEST) every Monday and Wednesday

Since its introduction in 1979, the lotto has undergone many changes. The game was initially based on a 6-from-40 game format (meaning six numbers were drawn from 40 balls), which was later changed to a 6-from-44 format, and finally to the current format of 45 balls.

In 2012, a new division was added (Division 6). Additionally, it was decided that Division 1 would be no longer jackpot. Monday and Wednesday Lotto results are televised exclusively on the GO! Channel.

Last monday and Wednesday Lotto Results

Draw date: May 1, 2019, Draw numbers: 3865

Winning number: 36, 8, 13, 35, 34, 28 Supplementary numbers: 21 4

Number of winners: 96,948

Next Monday and Wednesday Lotto result to be announced on May 6, 2019.

How to play Monday and Wednesday Lotto

Players living in Australia can visit a recognized store to play the lotto. Once they reach the store, players need to decide whether they want to use the Quick Pick or Marked Entry option. Players opting for Quick Pick get to play a fixed number of games. Their names are randomly generated.

Marked Entry, on the other hand, allows the player to choose the number of games they want to play (up to a maximum of 18 games). To increase their chances of winning a prize, players can select System entry or Pick Entry. While System Entry lets players pick more numbers, Pick Entry guarantees At least one winning number.

How to play Monday and Wednesday Lotto online

Players who are not in Australia can still play the lotto. All they need to do is create an account with Lottomania. Online players can either choose a combination of six numbers or let the system pick numbers on their behalf. Once Monday and Wednesday Lotto results are announced, players will be intimidated via email.

DateWinning numbersSupplementary numbers
04/29/201910, 42, 14, 3311, 30
04/24/201935, 6, 21, 44, 28, 1127, 17
04/22/2019 18, 44, 2, 6, 32, 12 20, 30
04/17/201935, 14, 8, 45, 27, 3224, 6
04/115/201913, 41, 38, 42, 24, 130, 18