Mon & Wed Lotto

Monday & Wednesday Lotto is a popular sweepstakes game, played by people in all the territories and states of Australia. In this lottery, players have to select six numbers from a pool of 1 – 45.

The organizers of this lottery will draw six main balls, along with two complementary balls, to determine the winner. If a player wins the jackpot, the individual will get AUD 1 million as the minimum amount. The odds of winning this prize is 1 in 8,145,060, which is better than most of the lotteries around the world.

Mon & Wed Lotteries – Participation of states

New South Wales Lotteries was the organizing body to hold the first draw in New South Wales, on 5th November 1979. The logo of this sweepstakes was known as the “The Big One,” during its inception.

The state only offered its residents to participate in these lotteries, until the start of Oz Lotto, which began in 1994. Out of all the territories in the country, New South Wales was the last one to be a part of the Australian Lotto Bloc. The state decided to join this group in 2000.

On May 1st, 2006, was an important day in the history of Mon & Wed Lotteries, as NSW Lotto started expanding the sweepstakes. Western Australia and Soth Australia’s state lottery commissions began selling tickets in their respective territories.

As a result, SA Lotto, which was popular in these states, got replaced, according to the history of Mon & Wed Lotteries. Tattersall, a group responsible for gaming, lotteries, and wagering in almost every territory in Australia, faced a huge problem. In June 2008, they no longer had the right to operate Wednesday Tattslotto. Fortunately, they started selling tickets for Mon & Wed Lotteries.

On 21st October 2013, Golden Casket from Queensland started providing tickets for residents to participate in Mon & Wed Lotteries.

Mon & Wed Lotteries – all the changes in the sweeptakes

Since the inception of Mon & Wed Lotteries, also known as NSW Lotto in 1979, the organizers of the game introduced several changes. At first, the body drew the winning numbers only on Mondays. On 21st November 1984, they added another draw, to take place on Wednesday.

The original rules of this lottery allowed players to pick six numbers from 1 – 40. Later, they could select from a larger pool of 1 – 44. Also, NSW Lotto allowed players to increase the chances of winning prizes from Tier 2 – Tier 5 by paying an additional AUD 0.15 for every game. After Tattersall started selling tickets, this option was no longer available to them.

During 1989 – 1996, as per the history of Mon & Wed Lotteries, the sweepstakes took place on Thursday, instead of Wednesday. However, the organizers changed the day of this lottery back to Wednesday, after the introduction of Powerball, which takes place on Thursday.

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