OZ Lotto Results

Introduced in 1994, OZ Lotto is a popular national lottery game in Australia.

The lottery is administered by the Lott throughout the country, except in Western Australia where Lotterywest is in charge. OZ Lotto was the country’s first fully national lottery game.

OZ Lotto results are announced every Tuesday at 8.30 PM(AEST). Draw closes at 7.30 PM(AEST).

To play a game, players have to pay a fee of $1.10 plus their agent’s commission. The game’s original format of 6-from 45 (meaning six numbers were drawn from 45 balls) was changed to 7-from 45 in 2005. The lotto guarantees a minimum division 1 prize of $2million. To win the division one prize, a player needs to match all seven numbers. Thanks to the simple rules and jaw-dropping jackpots, the lotto’s popularity has soared over the past few years. 

There are seven prize divisions in OZ Lotto. The lotto holds the distinction of producing the largest Australian jackpot till date (almost $112million). In the draw held on November 6, 2012, four players were declared as first division winners. These winners shared a jackpot of $111,972,151.04. The lottery’s popularity can be estimated from the fact that in the November 2012 draw, almost 50 percent of Australia’s adult population bought a ticket.

Last Oz

Draw date April 30, 2019 draw number 1315

Winning numbers 32 25 22 24 18 10 6 41 45 (supplementary numbers)

Number of winners 129,580

Next OZ Lotto result to be announced on May 7, 2019 

How to play Oz Lotto

Players playing from Australia can purchase tickets from their local recognized store. When choosing their numbers, players have two options.

They can either use the Quick Pick option to let the system pick numbers on their behalf or avail the Marked entry option to choose numbers themselves. Those who want to use more numbers can avail the System entry option at an extra charge per game. Players who are unable to visit their local store due to any reason can purchase an entry into the Advance draw.

How to play Oz Lotto online

Players who want to play the lotto from outside Australia can buy tickets online through Lottomania. Once a player creates an account with us, they are required to choose their numbers. Players can either decide their combination or let the system pick the numbers on their behalf. Once OZ Lotto results are announced, we credit the accounts of winners with the prize money won by them.

Recent Oz Lotto results

DateDrawWinning numbersSupplementary numbers
04/23/2019131426, 16, 7, 23, 6, 4, 3310, 8
04/16/2019131312, 9, 36, 22, 40, 21, 627, 2
04/09/2019131237, 39, 31, 22, 17, 13, 2041, 40
04/02/201913117, 9, 17, 22, 37, 36, 438, 39
03/26/2019131012, 28, 24, 29, 9, 18, 2513, 31