Powerball AU

What is one of the fastest ways to become a millionaire while living in Australia? The best option is to participate in Powerball AU, which takes place every week. If your ticket matches all the winning numbers, you will go home with an enormous cash prize, which will change your life forever.

Tats Group is the one who operates Powerball AU lotteries, under The Lott, it’s master brand. South Australian Lotteries, Golden Casket, Tattersalls, and New South Wales Lotteries are the subsidiaries which have the licenses to conduct the sweepstakes.

In Western Australia, Lotterywest, owned by the government is the one in charge on Powerball AU in the territory. The results of the lotteries come out every Thursday night.

Powerball AU – History of one of Australia’s famous lotteries

One of the most popular Australian lotteries, Powerball AU, started in 1996. Thanks to several changes in the sweepstakes, winners now get to walk away with larger cash prizes. In the original variant of the game, people had to choose five numbers from 1 – 45, and one Powerball, from 1 – 45. The chances of hitting the multi-million jackpot in these lotteries rose to 1 in 54,979,155.

On 1st March 2013, these lotteries saw a huge revamp, changing the way players play the game. As per the new rules, people have to select six numbers from 1 – 40. They also need to pick a Powerball from a pool of 1 – 20. Due to the new changes, it allowed the organizers to add another tier, beneficial to the players.

Powerball AU – Differences between American and Australian lotteries

As per the rules of the American variant, people are eligible for a prize, if their ticket matches the Powerball digit. In the United States, the sweepstakes have 26 Powerball, instead of 20 in Australia. The American version allows winners to receive the prize in the form of annuities, along with a cash version.

People from Australia prefer to cash out their winnings, rather than take long-term payments. If you hit the jackpot or you qualify in any other category, you need to pay tax. In Australia, winners don’t have to do so; one of the many reasons why people love these lotteries. Also, the Australian variant doesn’t have fixed prizes, unlike the American version.

Latest changes in Powerball AU lotteries

The organizers of the game introduced a new format on 19th April 2018. As per the new rules of the lotteries, two smart machines will draw the numbers. The advantage is that it increases the size of the jackpots while allowing more people to win prizes.

The new format allows players to select seven numbers from 1 – 35 and one Powerball from 1 – 20. As a result of this move, there is a ninth tier, which comes into play. The current odds for the jackpot increased to 1 in 134,490,400.

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