Saturday lotto result winners

Do you want to become one of the Saturday lotto result winners and spend your summer on a vacation instead of work?

Of course, you do. But, at this point, you will finally get a real chance to turn the tables.

That is simply because Saturday lotto has the best chances and it is more likely for you to win a prize.

In case you don’t believe in this, you can see for yourself in lotto results qld.

Undoubtedly, there are more Saturday lotto result winners in each drawing.

Especially when we speak of the first, jackpot prize.

That is probably why more players every single day decide to play this amazing game.

Winners of the last Saturday lotto result

First of all, we must mention the most important prize here.

Undoubtedly, that is the jackpot prize – we all know it.

To sum up, there were altogether 14 winners in the last draw only for this prize!

For that reason, don’t forget about the draw because you see how many people can win big here.

Even if you miss one main number, there are still additionally ones which can ensure you a prize.

Basically, in case you guess 5 main numbers and 1 additionally drawn, you can still win a few thousand.

While speaking of the last draw, to be exact, 143 people won the second prize.

Now that does not sound that bad, does it? Afterwards, there was, even more, 2.492 winners.

Altogether, when you compare it to some other lotteries you will straight away see the difference.

Because this game was particularly made to be won more frequently it accordingly gives you a great opportunity.

Even more, watch out for the jackpot prize amount because it correspondingly grows.

In case you manage to catch a draw with a bigger jackpot, you will also get a bigger prize.

What kind of prizes can I get?

Unquestionably, there are many Saturday lotto result winners.

Likewise, we stated exactly how many. But what about the prizes they won?

To be exact, the winners of first prize got AU $1,428,571.43. And that is specifically per player.

After that, when we look at the second prize it is obviously much smaller than the jackpot.

However, it still stands for a very good prize and that was AU $ 7,585.20.

Above all, it might not be a jackpot but it doesn’t mean it’s not a great comforting prize!

Altogether there was AU $40,564,469.57 shared between the Saturday lotto result winners.

So, basically, that means there were many winners. To be exact, there were 1,071,615 winners all together.

Together with 6 prize tiers, you can’t deny that this game truly was made to be won.

Even if you match only one single number, there are still 2 more additionally to save you!

Basically, that means that only with those 3 numbers you will already win something.

For that reason, don’t waste your time and find a strategy for this game.

Above all, you might even be the next person who will take the jackpot.

So, because of that, hurry up and get your ticket today!