Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto is another popular sweepstakes which take place in Australia, where players stand to win AUD 4 million if they hit the jackpot. Out of all the lotteries in the country, Saturday Lotto is the first one available to people.

It goes by the name TattsLotto in Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, and Tasmania. Western Australia and New Soth Wales know it as Saturday Lotto or Lotto. In South Australia, it goes by the name X Lotto and residents of Queensland call it Gold Lotto.

Saturday Lotto – The roots of these lotteries

Tattersall, the organization which conducts the sweepstakes, got permission from the Victorian government to offer this game. The aim was to provide additional revenue, as support for the health system in the state.

On 24 June 1972, HSV-7 Melbourne, aired the first draw, where players could win AUS 50,000. Lucy Kiraly and David Johnston were the hosts for the sweepstakes. It drew inspiration from European lotteries, as players had to pick six numbers from a pool of 1 – 40.

Every week, the organizing body would draw six numbers, along with a supplementary digit, from a barrel. Two government representatives, along with one official from Tattersalls, would be the witnesses during the selection of the winning figures. The draw was always live on TV, allowing people to follow the results of the sweepstakes.

Saturday Lotto Lotteries – Noteworthy changes

It was only on 6th July 1985, when the organizing body changed the format of these lotteries. Players can select six numbers from 1 – 45, as the board wanted to reduce the chances of winning the prizes from the sweepstakes.

As per the original rules, players can participate in two to 10 games, where every ticket would cost AUD 0.60. It consisted of two parts – the authentic one, along with a carbon copy variant. The seller or agent would validate them, before handing the copy of the ticket to the player. The original version would go to the Tattersalls, before the next draw.

The 80s was an excellent time for these lotteries, as the organizers computerized every aspect. The move from the lottery body extended the time available to submit the entries. At the same time, it was easy to scan the printed tickets for entry and people could choose to randomize the numbers.

The organizers introduced a change, known as System entry, where the players had the opportunity. While it increased the chances of winning, people had to pay extra, to avail this option. In other words, players could select a greater volume of numbers every game.

During every draw, people stand a chance to win AUD 4 million. If there are multiple winners, they will have to share the prize. During specific periods, the organizers will hold Superdraws, where players can win AUD 20 million.

Also, there are Megadraws, which take place around Christmas or New Year, where people can go home with a staggering AUD 30 million.

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