UK Lottery

The National Lottery is the official sweepstakes to take place in the UK. Camelot Group is the one operating these lotteries, while the Gambling Commission regulates the games. Earlier, the National Lottery Commission was the one in charge of keeping the sweepstakes in check.

Introduction of UK Lotteries

John Major’s government was the first one who allowed the state-franchised lotteries to establish, by providing government license. On 25th May, 1994, Camelot Group was given the rights to operate these sweepstakes.

19th November 1994 was the first time when the draw for these lotteries took place. Noel Edmonds was the one presenting the programme on TV. Seven ticket holders matched the winning numbers, and they split £5,874,778 among themselves.

In October 2002, the organizers had to undergo a significant rebranding campaign, as part of their plans to fight a drop in sales. They renamed the main game, retired ones which were no longer attracting players, and modified the logo.

The organizers also changed the draw machines in 2003 and 2009. In the earlier edition of these lotteries, the players had to choose six numbers from 1 – 49. However, they changed it to 1 – 59 and introduced the Bonus Ball.

In October 2013, there were a lot of changes in these lotteries. For starters, the ticket price increased to £2, which added to the jackpot amount. For each category, the winning amount rose by a small amount.

Also, the organizers of UK lottery introduced Lotto Raffle, in which 50 winners can earn £20,000 for every draw.

If no ticket can match the winning numbers, the jackpot prize rolls over, increasing the size of the pool. During the earlier edition, there was a limit to the number of rollovers. However, in October 2015, the organizers removed this limit, by introducing a cap on the jackpot. In the older variant, the limitation was 14 rollovers or £50 million.

In January 2016, the organizers allowed the rollover to go beyond the cap, and the jackpot amount reached £66 million. Two ticket holders matched the winning numbers, and they split the pot.

Huge changes in UK lottery

2018 was an important year in the history of UK lottery, as the organizing body introduced significant changes. Camelot Group fixed the amount that players can win in each category. To make this possible, they discontinued Lotto raffle.

The organizers allowed a maximum of five rollovers, after which, the jackpot amount goes to all the below categories. As a result, the size of the categories goes up substantially.

By participating in these lotteries, players are providing funds for various projects, which help the communities in the country. Every week, Camelot Group can support 400 initiatives, changing the lives of people forever.

According to the organizing body, they invested over £39 billion in the country. If you wish to be a part of the change while becoming rich simultaneously, participating in the UK lottery is a great way. Check out Lottomania as you can create an account for free on this site.

Play today so that you are several steps closer to becoming a millionaire while helping various communities in the country!