All you need to Know about the EuroJackpot Results

If you live in one of the European countries, you would have come across EuroJackpot. Your friends, co-workers, and family members can never get enough of this newest lottery. Although there are several sweepstakes available to Europeans, EuroJackpot continues to be popular.

Starting in 2012, gamblers from various countries around the continent (have) participated in this lottery. After getting a taste of what they stand to win, the number of players increased exponentially.

EuroJackpot Results – What you need to know?

From which countries can you participate in EuroJackpot Results?

EuroJackpot results are available to the residents of the following countries:

  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Italy
  • Iceland
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia

The best part about EuroJackpot Results is that the size of the pot is higher than the majority of the national lotteries. During each draw, the value of the jackpot can go beyond €5 million, which is exciting to its participants.

What are the largest EuroJackpot results recorded in history?

One reason why people can’t get enough and love participating in this lottery is due to the size of the pot. While Euromillions gives you the opportunity to collect a larger amount, EuroJackpot has a higher chance of winning.

Since the start of the sweepstakes in 2012, there have been 15 winners who went home with €90 million. You should know that people got to walk away with larger amounts, as the Euro number matrix changed from 1 – 8 to 1 – 10.

The first person to hit the €90 million jackpot was on the 15th of May 2015, from the Czech Republic. In 2016, another individual won the maximum cap on 14th of October 2015. Until 9th February 2018, several individuals hit the jackpot several times.

6th of January 2017 was a special occasion as five players, three from Germany, one from Netherlands, and one from Denmark split €90 five ways.

During the start of the lottery, the limit for consecutive rollovers stayed at 12. It means that if there are no winners after 12 back-to-back draws, the prize will go to the next pool. The problem with this system was that it was quite restrictive. In February 2013, there was a €90 million jackpot cap, in place of the 12 consecutive draw limit.

How to start betting on EuroJackpot Results?

Participate in EuroJackpot Results via retail store

If you want to be a part of the action and stand a chance of winning millions of euros, it is a simple process. You can walk into an authorized retail store and buy tickets. You need to enter which numbers with which you wish to play and hand the play card over to the cashier.

It is vital that you always keep the ticket with you, so that you can verify to the officials that you are a winner. Also, you must sign on its back, as proof that you are the true owner. Also, it helps to avoid any legal hurdles, if you lose the ticket and another individual tries to claim the prize.

Play EuroJackpot Results online

You also have the option of purchasing EuroJackpot results online, as it is a convenient and easy way to play, unlike the retail one. Your account will store the ticket data and inform you if you win the lottery. The winnings will go to your account, which you can use, as per your requirements.

If you want a convenient, safe, and straightforward way to participate in EuroJackpot Results, you should create an account with Lottomania!