How to Play France Lotto

If it is your dream to win large sums of money quickly, you should get ready to play France lotto. Even though it faces stiff competition from the likes of SuperEnalotto and EuroMillions, the French variant continues to be popular among the residents of the country.

Millions of people play France Lotto regularly as the minimum jackpot amount starts at €2 million, and it continues to increase every time there is a winner. According to the current rules, the maximum rollovers in France Lotto is 34.

Play France Lotto – The History

The roots of the France Lotto goes back to 1976, the year the residents got to play it for the first time. Also known as Loto Francaise, the Francaise des Jeux Groupe is the one operating and organizing the lottery. The French government owns majority of this group.

Play France Lotto – How to participate?

It is a simple process if you wish to participate in the French Lotto. It works like the traditional jackpot, which follows the 6/49 matrix with a twist. You need to select five numbers, ranging from 1 – 49. The sixth figure you pick is the lucky number, which you have to choose from 1 – 10.

The France Lotto uses a double matrix, consisting of 5/49 for the first five numbers, and 1/10 for the lucky figure.

At present, there are nine prize tiers available in this lottery. If your ticket only matches the chance number, you can get €2.20, which reimburses you for the amount you spent.

If you are one of the lucky people whose figures in the ticket is the same as the five numbers drawn, then you will win €100,000 from the lottery.

The prize amount for each tier remains fixed, so if there are several winners, they have to split the pool accordingly.

What to do after you win play France Lotto?

There is a deadline, depending on whether you bought the ticket from an authorized retailer or from on an online provider. If it is the former, you will have 60 days to claim your winnings.

However, if you play France Lotto online, then the amount will go into your account. However, the service provider will ask you to verify your details, before dispersing the money, to avoid scams.

The best part when you play France Lotto and win is that you don’t have to pay any taxes to the French government.

Although, if you are from a different nation, you will have to get in touch with your local financial adviser, to see if there are any tariffs for lottery winnings in your country.

One reason why everyone loves to play this lottery is due to fact that it takes place thrice a week. As a result, the chances of becoming a winner increases significantly.

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