Lucky Lotteries Results

Lucky Lotteries is a popular lottery in Australia. The lottery is similar to a raffle, however, the prizes in Lucky Lotteries are bigger.

Players can either pick random or sequential numbers from the numbers generated by the computer.

There are two types of Lucky Lotteries, the Super Lottery, and the Mega Lottery.

While the minimum guaranteed jackpot amount for the Super Lottery is $500,000, the Mega Lottery jackpot amount never goes below $1,000,000.

The number of Super Lottery and Mega Lottery tickets to be sold is capped at 225,000 and 180,000 respectively.  Draws for a lottery are conducted only when all the tickets for that specific lottery are sold. Though there is always a schedule for announcing Lucky Lotteries draws, it is subject to change.

To play these lottos, a player needs to buy either Super Lottery or Mega tickets.

While the cost of a Super Lottery ticket is AUD $2, you will have to spend AUD $5 to buy a Mega Lottery ticket.

Remember that this is not the final cost, as you will also have to pay your agent their commission.

Once Lucky Lotteries results are announced, your winning amount will be transferred to your account. If you win a prize, rest assured you won’t have to share the winning amount with any other player.

Last Lucky Lotteries result

Draw date: April 16,2019, Jackpot: $55,960,000

Winning numbers: 70006

1st prize: $200,000

Other prizes

Total number of winners: 4218

Next Lucky Lottery result to be announced on April 17, 2019. Estimated jackpot: $56,200,000

How to play Lucky Lotteries

If you are playing from Australia, visit a local store to select sequential or random numbers from the ticket numbers generated by the computer.

Choose the type of ticket you want to buy (Super Lottery vs Mega Lottery). To complete your purchase, pay the outstanding amount plus your dealer’s commission.

If you, do to any reason, are unable to visit a store to buy your tickets, buy entry into an Advance Draw or opt for Multi-Week Entry. Once you have your tickets, wait for Lucky Lotteries results to be announced.

Play online

Players who are not in Australia can play Lucky Lotteries online. To buy tickets online, you need to create an account. After registering with us, buy your tickets before proceeding to checkout.

If your number wins a prize, we will transfer the winning amount to your account shortly after Lucky Lotteries results are announced.

Recent Lucky Lotteries Results

Draw dateJackpot number1st prize
winning numbers
April 15,2019 150594 52381 $4,790,000
April 9, 201978678 122391$4,660,000
April 5, 2019215844 100448 $4,530,000
April 1, 2019 232004 31880 $4,400,000
March 26,2019 120275 168853 $4,270,000